Determine your budget. Whether you have a lot or a little money to make the remodel of your dreams happen, you need to figure out the amount in order to make it stretch as far as possible or find out what you might be able to do at a later time.

Be realistic about project. With your budget in mind, figure out what you want to see completed. Are you completely redoing the kitchen or simply giving it a fresh update with paint and some new cabinet pulls? These kinds of decisions up front can save you in the long run.

Figure out what you can DIY. Unless you’re an actual contractor, learn about the project before you start tackling it on your own. Some things just look easy when done on but end up costing you more when you have to call in a professional to fix it. Also, it may not be worth your time and effort. Sometimes, it’s pays to pay a professional.

Interview professionals. Call professionals well in advance to get a timeline, description of the work required and quote for the cost. Remodeling projects are popular in spring and summer so calling before the weather warms up will help you get the right person at the best price.

Change happens. Don’t be afraid to change the plan, but do it before you get too far along. Make sure you are working closely with the contractor you are interviewing to keep labor and equipment costs down as changes happen.

(Photo by byHuyen on Unsplash)

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